It Was The Lights, Pretty Lights

Posted on: 10/17/11

 It was the lights, Pretty Lights

The Crimson White

By Ashley Chaffin 

October 17, 2011


Pretty Lights performed at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Oct. 13, 2011, as a part of a tornado benefit show. / CW | Harish Rao


I can’t think of one song on my iPod or one band that I claim to like that doesn’t have lyrics to go along with the music. Bands that can put words together beautifully just strike my fancy more than bands who are great at other things.


Living in Tuscaloosa and having a general interest in music, I had heard one or two Pretty Lights songs before I saw them at the amphitheater on Thursday, but I never considered myself a fan of the band.

Leaving the amphitheater after the show, the general consensus of everyone around me was “That was awesome!” and I have to agree with the rest of the crowd, the only word I could think of to describe the show was “awesome.”

I got to the show a little bit of the way through Big Gigantic’s set. I’m not sure if it’s because of how thin the crowd was or if it was because the sun hadn’t gone down and I couldn’t enjoy the light show, but Big Gigantic didn’t impress as much as the other two acts did. They did, however, have my head bopping along with the music, and that’s something in my world.

When STS9 took the stage, the people in front of me stood up, which meant I had to stand up in order to see the show at all. After about three songs, I was dancing along, quite badly if I am being honest, to the show just like the loyal STS9 fans around me.

The highlight of the night for me, however, was Pretty Lights. After I enjoyed STS9 so much, my expectations for Pretty Lights had gone from not too excited to anticipation I would have never thought possible for a band I didn’t really like, and I wasn’t let down.

They opened the show with the one song I know and like a lot, “Hot Like Sauce.” Starting out with a song that the entire crowd knew was probably the most genius thing to do because, as I found out, once you start dancing to Pretty Lights you don’t stop dancing until Pretty Lights stops playing.

I was completely memorized by the lights and so into the music that I had very little idea what was going on around me until someone tapped me on the shoulder to ask what I was on – I was apparently dancing like a crazy person but considering my dance skills, that doesn’t surprise me.

During the show I got a chance to watch from the pit and from seats. I enjoyed the show more from the seats because you can see the lights show, which was the best I’ve ever seen, hence the name “Pretty Lights,” and you have more room to move around.

After the show, I probably still won’t drive around blasting Pretty Lights from my speakers (I’m not sure listening to them is worth it without the lights show) but I will go see them again the next time I have the chance. The show really was just plain awesome.